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Deep Inside The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google's current flagship the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is making a huge wave today. The phone's large and high-resolution display is just one of its selling points. This is aside from the fact that the phone is just a total beauty both inside and out. With the latest Android OS, this is made more powerful as other leading Android mobile phones. It offers its users something new. Overall the two are nothing but a killer combination.

The arrival of the Ice Cream Sandwich is noticed to reaching its peak. It may be using some of the user interface theme made for the Honeycomb (for Android tablets), but in general it is a lot better than the latter. You do not have to be scared of this latest OS, it might be visually changed but it still offers basic functionality that we all love.

This phone offers five home screens. You can easily configure all of them. You can still swipe left and right when switching between the five home screens. You can also set it with shortcuts and widgets just like before. The only difference is that you now have to access these from the Widgets tab (Main Menu); this is where you used to find your apps.

You will also notice that this phone does not have any keys beneath its display area. The phone's main navigation controls are now found on the phone's bottom.

You do not have to worry about not finding the menu and search menu on this phone. However, you will still see the old home and back options for this phone. The phone's search option is replaced by on-screen control. This is made up of 3 vertically aligned dots. This will appear at the top, bottom, left, or right side of an application. You will also find the main control at the phone's bottom part of the screen.

The phone also ships with new control. This is known as the task switcher. If you are familiar with Honeycomb, then you already know what this one is. If and when you tap on the said control, it will then bring up a visual history of apps that you are running or you recently used. You can also easily switch from one app to another by simply tapping it. You can remove anything from the list by simply swiping it (left or right). This same method can be used for your notification area (found at the top of the phone's screen). With this, you can easily remove your unwanted notifications individually or by bulk.

These are just some of the things that you will love on Google's latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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