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Some Excellent New iPhone 4S Social Networking Applications

Millions of iPhone 4S owners use their handset to access social networking sites. The majority of users will find themselves logging into one of the more well known sites however there are a wealth of other services available that could well become the next big thing.

FourSquare is a location based social networking service which helps users meet one another face to face. The principle behind this application is that users can check into every location that they visit by using their iPhone 4S to send a GPS signal. Other users can discover where you are by checking out your profile. Alternatively you can opt to see which other users have checked into the location you are currently visiting. The application will then list everybody who is at that location giving you a much higher chance of meeting them face to face than you will ever get from other sites. There are a number of other features available on this service including the chance to receive discount vouchers by checking into specified business premises. Gowalla is another application which is based around places that you visit. Unlike FourSquare the purpose of this application is to create a timeline of places that you have visited rather than informing users of your current whereabouts. This software allows you to record details and make comments on places that you visit. If your friend discovers a great Thai restaurant tucked away on a quiet street in London and logs their visit you can find this location and read what they have to say about it the next time you are in the area.

One new social networking site that could become a global hit is the excellent Pinterest. This iPhone 4S application does not focus on locations like the other software that we have looked at and concentrates on material that can be found on the internet. The principle behind Pinterest is for users to create their own virtual pinboard full of their favourite internet links. If people like the same kind of content as you they will follow you which means if they find something of interest you will be able to view the link that they post. The principle is very simple yet works very well indeed. We have wasted many hours finding gems form the world wide web that have been posted on this site. At present membership to the Pinterest service is invite only but all users are free to browse the public content that is available.

If you look beyond some of the more well known sites there are some super social networking applications available for the iPhone 4S. Pinterest is our current favourite while services such as FourSquare and Gowalla boast some superb location based features.

The iPhone 4S and the Motorola Razr are available now.

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