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How To Browse The Web Anywhere Using The HTC Sensation XE And Its Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature

The HTC Sensation XE features a built in Wi-Fi hotspot feature, meaning you can utilise your data connection to provide wireless internet access to a range of compatible devices. In this article I will look at how this works, and some of the real world applications it is suited to.

Occasionally you may find that you need to browse the internet on your laptop but are unable to gain a wireless internet connection. If you own a smartphone like the HTC Sensation XE which features a WI-Fi hotspot feature you can use it to provide a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop or iPad. If you are out of range of a Wi-Fi connection or do not have the appropriate login details, you can use this feature to enable web browsing on a compatible device.

To enable the feature, open the quick settings menu in your HTC Sensation which can be accessed by sliding your finger from the top of the screen to reveal the notifications panel. At the bottom, select quick settings and select the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. After waiting for a few seconds, the feature will activate. Once this is done, go onto the device you would like to use the internet on, such as a laptop computer or a tablet like an Apple iPad. In the device's respective internet connection settings, you should see an option called "HTC Portable Hotspot". Select this and you will now be able to use the internet on your computer without a traditional Wi-Fi connection. The first time you use this on a new device, the phone will display a pass code which must be entered on the computer you wish to use, to ensure you are the only person using your Wi-Fi hotspot, although you can of course share this with others should you wish, meaning they can also benefit.

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature will only work when your phone has a 3G connection. This data is then converted into a useable Wi-Fi connection for other devices. Up to five devices can use the internet connection provided by your HTC Sensation XE, but data usage will reflect this. This feature can be invaluable in a number of scenarios. If you are in a public location with no wireless internet connectivity you can activate the hotspot feature to provide an internet connection, or maybe your internet connection has unexpectedly stopped working at home or in the office.

If you are on a restricted data plan (many tariffs limit data to 500MB or 1GB per month in the UK) then I recommend using the feature only as a backup and by no means as a permanent replacement to a wireless router. If you are lucky enough to have the benefit of unlimited data on your tariff though, you can use it as much as you like. If this is the case, please ensure that you phone has ample battery or preferably is on charge when using it, as the feature can be quickly drain even a fully charged battery. When using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature it is likely that you will have your phone with you when you are on your laptop or other supported device, which means the signal strength will be excellent.

In conclusion, the Wi-Fi hotspot feature on phones like the HTC Sensation XE is a handy back up plan should your internet connection stop working, or you need to carry out some important work when out of range of an accessible Wi-Fi connection. If you have unlimited data on your tariff, you can take advantage of the excellent signal without worrying about going over your monthly data allowance.

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