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Siri And FaceTime On The iPhone 4S

The refreshed iPhone, the iPhone 4S is one of the top-selling smartphones in the market since its release last year. A lot of people are talking about the amazing new features that this phone is shipped with. Two of its best features are Siri and FaceTime. Let's take a closer look at these two splendid new features that you will enjoy on this handset.

First, let us talk about Siri. This is actually a new voice control that you can find on this handset. It will be your intelligent assistant called Siri. It will help you do almost anything and everything by simply using your voice. You do not have to touch your phone or tick some buttons, all you have to do is to talk to Siri just like the way you talk to a real person. So how does it work? It's easy. Siri will process what you said and will help you figure out the exact answer to what you need. A good example is if you want to send a text message or make a call, then all you have to do is to tell Siri and Siri will make it all possible. You can ask Siri about anything, including the weather. You will get an accurate reply from Siri all the time. This is indeed one of the best features that Apple ever came up with. Siri won't just understand what you are saying; it is smart enough to know what you mean exactly.

If typing is not for you, then you can dictate whatever you want and Siri will do the typing for you. And not just that, Siri will send that message for you as well. Basically, it's like having a personal assistant that you do not have to pay on a monthly basis. It is free, and it is yours along with this impressive handset.

Let us now talk about FaceTime. With this new feature from Apple, you will be able to enjoy being in two places at once. You can talk to your family and friends no matter where you are or how far you are from them. You will enjoy this not only for socializing or communicating with your family and friends; you can actually use this for important meetings. All you have to do is to tap your phone and it will be able to make video calls from your handset to your family or your colleague's iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad 2. If tapping the phone is too much for you, then you can go and ask Siri to do it for you. All you have to say is "Face Time with Mom or your colleague". Another beauty of it is that say if you are currently on the line with your business partner and you want to switch to video chat, then all you have to do is to tap your FaceTime button from your phone's screen. By doing this, you will be able to send an invite to your business partner right then and there. You will enjoy seamless video chat in both landscape and portrait views.

These are the amazing Siri and FaceTime on the iPhone 4S.

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