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An Overview Of Camera Features And Design On The Samsung Galaxy S3 And The Galaxy S Advance

Samsung are refreshing their 2012 range of models with two exciting new handsets that look destined to be a success with consumers. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S Advance both boast some superb features combined with modern styling. We take a look at the media facilities likely to be featured in these two models and also see how the two devices may compare in terms of design.

Although we have no official confirmation on the specification for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours seem to suggest that we will see this model offering a high quality 12 mega pixel digital still camera. This feature is likely to be accompanied by a host of facilities that have become standard features on modern premium smartphones. Autofocus will definitely be included as will a dual LED flash to help users achieve the best possible results in poor lighting conditions. Users will have the opportunity to add a geographical location tag on all images by utilising the GPS receiver that will be incorporated in the model. A high quality video capture feature will record footage in 1080P quality which is currently the maximum resolution that can be achieved.

For video calls a secondary front facing camera will be featured and this is likely to also be able to record still photographs at a resolution of around 2 million pixels. Specifications have been confirmed on the new Galaxy S Advance model. Still photographs are captured at 5 million pixel resolution which is considerably lower than what the S3 will offer but it is worth remembering that this model is pitched as a cheaper option for consumers who do not require the very latest technology. The usual array of extras are present including Face Detection and a powerful LED Flash. Video footage can be recorded at 720P quality which is technically classified as High Definition and the front facing camera can record 1.3 mega pixel still images.

With no official pictures yet released for the Samsung Galaxy S3 there is much speculation about the appearance of the device. One thing that we are certain of is that the model will be much slimmer than the Galaxy S2 that was released last year and that the model is also likely to be one of the slimmest phones on the market. Many reports suggest that the model will measure around 7mm in depth although the width and height measurements are likely to increase slightly due the larger screen set to be fitted in the model. Samsung favour the use of strengthened plastics on their devices so expect this type of material to be used once again which means that the handset will weigh a lot less than models that use heavier metallic materials. The Galaxy S Advance uses the same chassis as the Samsung Galaxy S which means that it offers a slim 9.7mm depth and weighs just 120 grammes. The black gloss finish looks modern and the minimal bezel that surrounds the display gives the device a very stylish and minimal appearance.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the handset that many smartphone fans have been looking forward to but the Galaxy S Advance may strike a chord with consumers looking for great features at a more wallet friendly price.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming soon and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available now.

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