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The Airbind Application And Audio Facilities On The Motorola Razr

The Android operating system is the most popular mobile OS in the world with million of users owning handsets like the Motorola Razr that run on this popular platform. A new application is available for phones like this that lets users synchronise music to their phone without using the official Android software.

As a portable music player the Motorola Razr is a superb device but many users like to use alternative software for managing their music on a PC or laptop. The best example of this is the excellent iTunes software from Apple that is designed to work with the iPhone 4S. Many users like the easy interface offered by iTunes and also if other devices such as Apple TV are owned then iTunes needs to be an integral part of the set up. The new Airbind application is available from the Android Marketplace and enables users to synchronise their iTunes music library with their Razr phone. The software works over a WiFi connection so users need to ensure that both their home computer and phone are connected to the same router. Once you have installed the application and also the desktop client a notification will pop up on your handset display asking if you want to synchronise content. Just confirm this transfer and all you files from your computer are sent wirelessly to the phone. You will find difficulty in transferring certain content such as tracks that contain DRM content so it is worth bearing this in mind when downloading material.

The new Airbind application is a really useful addition to the Motorola Razr but even without it the phone still offers some superb audio facilities. The Razr incorporates a large internal storage capacity of 16GB which is enough to hold around 4000 tracks which is more than enough for most users. If you still find this storage restrictive the phone features a microSD card slot which can accept cards up to 32GB in size. With the addition of one of these cards your total track storage can be expended to 12000 songs. A 3.5mm headphone socket is included on the model which means that users can use headphones of their choice with this model. The Razr does come supplied with a basic pair of headphones but most serious music fans are likely to replace these with a pair that can provide a better frequency range. A simple music player application comes installed on the model that allows music to be controlled and sorted easily. Playlists can be created on the phone and music can be played in the background to enable other tasks to be carried out at the same time.

The new Airbind application for the Motorola Razr is an impressive application that will give thousands of consumers the opportunity to use iTunes software with this model. The phone also provides a wealth of great features that make it a perfect smartphone for music playback.

The Motorola Razr and the iPhone 4S are available now.

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