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A Look At Some Invaluable Education Apps On The Apple iPhone 4S

Whether you are at school or university, the iPhone 4S can be an invaluable learning and organisation resource thanks to apps like iStudiez Pro. In this article I will look at a couple of the top apps designed for keeping students organised.

iStudiez Pro.
This is app is available from the AppStore for a one-off fee of £1.99, so it is relatively inexpensive for the advantages it offers to students. To use the app, you must first enter your class schedules, and these will be saved in the calendar which provides an overview of your classes for the week, and automatically carries your schedule forward to future weeks. When in the calendar view, simply tap a date and your schedule will be displayed for that day. To stay on top of your homework, assignments, projects and exams, you simply enter the details of these, and the app will alert you to upcoming deadlines, which is handy if you often forget to hand in your work on time.

You can also prioritise these so they will be ranked by importance so you can use your time more effectively by making sure you work on your more important projects first. The app is simple to update with new tasks, simply by tapping on the appropriate date and entering the relevant information using the Qwerty keyboard on the iPhone 4S's retina display. This app can also be handy for teachers as it can allow them to stay on top of their classes and deadlines for homework. Many will prefer to carry out the tasks of this app using a pen and paper, but for tech enthusiasts it can prove very convenient and an efficient way to stay organised.

New Oxford American Dictionary
One of the more expensive apps in the Education category of the AppStore, the New Oxford American Dictionary costs £20.99 but is likely to prove a useful addition to your app library no matter what subject(s) you study. This app goes beyond the standard book format of traditional dictionaries with a number of enhancements. For example, the app will update when new words are officially added to the dictionary, and some 60,000 words have audio pronunciation, and these are also regularly updated. Having a dictionary on your iPhone 4S is of course also a space saver. We all know how big and heavy a full dictionary is, but with the New Oxford American Dictionary, you have a fully functioning 350,000+ word dictionary in the palm of your hand, available at a moment's notice. Although this app has a rather costly initial outlay, it is likely to more than pay for itself in the long term, and in fact is much cheaper than the original hardback book of the same title.

Of course there are numerous apps in the AppStore's education category, but the two in this article are likely to have a broad appeal to a range of students, whatever level of education they are currently studying. Also, apps like these highlight the versatility and wide-ranging appeal of smartphones like the Apple iPhone 4S.

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