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The Feature Packed HTC Wildfire S Is Now Available On Tariffs To Suit All Budgets

The HTC Wildfire S is aimed at the budget end of the smartphone market, but still packs a decent spec list. If you live in the UK you can choose from hundreds of tariffs across all major networks which include varying amounts of call, text and data allowances.

Orange is has been one of the most popular networks in the UK for many years, and currently offer a range of packages to suit the varying needs of potential customers. If you only use your mobile phone occasionally, you can take advantage of one of their lowest priced tariffs called Orange Dolphin 10.5 which offers a free HTC Wildfire S, 30 minutes of free calls to any UK network, a generous 500 text messages and 100 MB of data per month. Although the allowances of this are not high based on average use, it is a great option for occasional mobile phone users who are on a budget as they can still own a feature packed smartphone for a very low price. The cost of this package is just £10.50 per month and as an added bonus the line rental for the first 18 months of the 24 month contract period is half price when from selected retailers.

On the other end of the scale is the Orange Panther 66 package which is currently the most expensive tariff available from the network. This costs £66 per month but this is somewhat justified in the allowances the package offers. Like the Orange Dolphin 10.5 package above, a free HTC Wildfire is included. A generous 3000 minutes (50 hours) of free calls per month are included (to UK networks) along with unlimited text messages and an ample 1 GB data allowance. This is the perfect package for frequent users of mobile internet, as 1 GB is well above the average use in the UK. Also, those who send a lot of text messages may find this the ideal contract as you can send as many as you like every month, without worrying about exceeding any limits. Unlike the aforementioned tariff, this one has a duration of 18 months, after which you may upgrade you phone and tariff or choose to move to another network. Another added bonus of this is that you can claim £515 cash back (via selected retailers) which significantly offsets the £66 per month commitment that the tariff requires.

Taking out a new mobile phone contract in the UK can be something of a minefield at times, and at PhonesLimited.co.uk every available deal for smartphones like the HTC Wildfire S is compared on a daily basis to ensure you get the most for your money.

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