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An Introduction To The Handy Pattern Lock App For The iPhone 4S

If you own an Android smartphone like the HTC Sensation, you will probably be familiar with the various methods it employs to keep unauthorised users out of the phone. Some of these methods are now available for Apple devices like the iPhone 4S thanks to an app called 'Pattern Lock For iPhone'.

In this article I will look at the features this app possesses and how to use it effectively.

Connect the Dots Security
This method is likely to be familiar if you have ever used an Android smartphone. On the lockscreen, you will be presented with 9 dots (3x3 formation). You simply run your finger across the screen to match the dots forming the correct pattern to unlock the phone. This is similar to the standard pass code entry on the iPhone 4S, however you do not remove your finger from the screen after entering each number.

Fingerprint Scanner
This method of unlocking the screen is not only very secure, but is also likely to impress your friends. It works by recognising your fingerprint, and as you are probably aware, this is unique to you so it is very difficult to bypass by an unauthorised person. When the screen is locked, there will be a square on the screen where you place your finger tip. The screen will recognise your fingerprint and unlock the phone, and of course if the fingerprint is not recognised, the screen will remain locked. This is similar to the biometric fingerprint scanner on the Motorola Atrix, however this is located on the back of the phone rather than on the screen.

Alpha-Numeric Entry
This is similar to the standard pass code feature which is already used by millions of iPhone users who choose to lock their phone when not in use. However, this has the addition of a QWERTY keyboard as well as numbers so you can enter a password with many more characters than a standard pass code. This makes it very unlikely for anyone to guess your password, so is ideal for those who have private or sensitive information stored on their iPhone 4S.

If you have sensitive information on your iPhone 4S, this is an essential app, and at just £0.69 is well worth the price for the peace of mind it can bring. The app can also be assigned to specific folders on your iPhone, so even when the screen is unlocked you can restrict access to specific folders which you can customise with the apps of your choice.

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