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Apps And Widgets On Your HTC Explorer Make It Easy To Stay Organised

The HTC Explorer may be aimed at those on a budget, but it still includes some very pleasing features found on more expensive smartphones. In this article I will look at some of the built in features and downloadable apps which make it easy to stay organised.

Android Calendar Widget
The HTC Explorer comes with the stock Android calendar widget already installed so you can use it without downloading any additional software. The widget can be assigned to one of the 7 homescreens which are provided with the Sense interface which runs over the top of the Android operating system. To do this, scroll to a blank homescreen and open the customise menu in the bottom left corner, and then go to widgets. Select Android Calendar and the widget will be installed instantly. The default view of the widget will only display the current date, but also shows any events which are scheduled for this day. This way you have an at-a-glance view without having to open the widget. You can tap the widget and it will open the calendar in full screen view, and this can be set to display in either daily view, which displays events by time and even includes the local weather (your current location is displayed thanks to the phone's GPS capability). You can also view the calendar in weekly and monthly views to get a better overview of event. Simply tap on a day or time and input the details of an event. Thanks to the Sense UI and its ability to integrate different apps, you can even set a location for the event and on the day it will provide directions via the Locations app. The Android Calendar will automatically sync with your Facebook information so the birthdays of your friends will automatically be displayed as well as any events that you have confirmed your attendance to on Facebook.

Do It Tomorrow
Thanks to the ability to access the Android Market, you can use your HTC Explorer to download additional applications. I have found one of the most useful for staying organised to be 'Do It Tomorrow'. This app has a very simple interface and allows you to make a 'to do' list. When you complete the task, simply put a line though it using the phone's touchscreen and it will be removed the next time you open the app. If you do not complete the task though, it will be automatically saved and displayed the following day. This way the app only needs to display today's and tomorrow's date. An uncompleted task will be moved to the next day every day until the task is crossed off the list. This makes it easy to stay on top of everyday tasks and errands as you will constantly be reminded of all your uncompleted tasks whenever you open the app.

There are of course many other applications and widgets available for Android powered smartphones like the HTC Explorer, but I have found that the Android Calendar Widget and Do It Tomorrow make a good combination, as you will be reminded of birthdays and other important events as well as minor tasks and errands.

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