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HTC Sensation Owners, Prepare For Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update

The HTC Sensation has just been confirmed to be receiving an update to its operating system. It currently runs the Gingerbread version of the popular smartphone platform, but users can now look forward to the Ice Cream Sandwich version in the near future. This will be provided as an over the air update, so users will be able to download it over a Wi-Fi connection. If you own an HTC Sensation, you are likely to have a few questions regarding the update, and in this article I will answer a few of the likely queries that users may have.

How Do I Install the Software Update?
When the update is made available, HTC Sensation owners will be prompted with an alert that the update is available. This also goes for users of other HTC smartphones such as the Sensation XE, Sensation XL and Evo 3D. No specific date has been given, but it is expected that it will happen within the next few weeks. As long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can instantly download the update by going to the notifications bar which slides down from the top of the screen. Tap the update alert, and it will begin downloading automatically, and installation should take no more than a few minutes, so if you are expecting an important call it may be worth waiting to install the upgrade until afterwards.

What Features Can I Expect From The Update?
Ice Cream Sandwich provides what is arguably the biggest overhaul to the platform for some time, so you can expect a few major differences. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released recently to showcase the new software, and this has some very impressive features, of which most if not all will be compatible with the HTC Sensation. For starters, the interface has a completely new look and feel, but we do not know at this stage how this will affect the HTC Sense UI which is an HTC exclusive Android interface. Some neat features include a special shortcut key which displays all the most recent and currently open applications, face recognition which allows you to unlock the phone by face recognition rather than a password or PIN code (although these options will remain in place) and the phone will automatically search for updates when turned on.

Is The Update Worth It?
This will be down to personal preference. If you are currently happy with the features of the HTC Sensation, it is not essential to download the update and you can keep the current version of Android. However, if you are keen to have the latest features the software provides, then by all means you should download it, as it is free of charge. If you download the new software, you always have the option to resort back to the current version; it does not have to be a permanent change.

I will certainly be making the upgrade as I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new features it provides. If you own one of the compatible handsets, look out for a new article from me when the update is made available, and I will provide a more in depth look at its features.

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