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HTC Radar - Premium Design Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Handset

If you want a smartphone that boasts premium design and one that runs on Windows Phone 7.5 OS (Mango OS), then the HTC Radar is for you. Yes, this is one of HTC's premium handsets that runs on the latest Windows Phone 7.5 OS. It will offer you not just an incredible look, but it will also give you the best of everything that you can ever expect on a smartphone.

The phone is crafted from a single piece of premium polished metal. It doesn't just look tough, it is indeed solid. The feeling is also the same when you first hold this handset. At first glance, you will be impressed at how HTC came up with such a marvelous design. This is also something that will definitely stand out from the crowd. I mean, we are talking about the likes of Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S here. It is something that can actually compete with other big names when it comes to its premium looks and many other offerings.

This phone is an intuitive handset. It will allow you to keep everything on your radar. This will also allow you to get real-time close with your everybody (i.e. family, friends, and business associates). With the phone's People Hub, you will be able to pull together your social networks and contacts into one place. With this getting connected with them is made easier. The phone comes in with an impressive 5MP camera with F2.2 lens, BSI Sensor and LED Flash. With these, you can capture life's special moments instantly. You can also instantly share your captured moments with your family, friends, and colleagues. This is how real-close you can get to them with this handset.

Whenever you are on the go, it is not that rare to experience your best moments in life. This is most specially true if the whole place is dark. This phone will allow you to capture these precious moments even if it is all dark. The phone's F2.2 lens, BSI Sensor, and Flash will make it all possible for you. You will end up with clear photos even if there is poor lighting condition. You will never miss a special moment with this phone's splendid camera.

As mentioned earlier, this phone will allow you to connect and stay connected with people who matters the most, and share it in real-time as well. This phone will allow you to enjoy your favorite social networking accounts and really know what's happening around you even if you're away from your computer. You will enjoy Threads courtesy of Windows Phone. With this, you will be able to switch between your Windows Live Messenger, Facebook chat, and text without missing anything.

As you can see, this is more than just a pretty face on the block. This is a smartphone that will wow you with its premium design and its amazing Windows Phone 7.5 OS. These and more are only from the HTC Radar.

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