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Smart Tags And NFC Impress On The Sony Xperia S

The new Sony Xperia S is a phone that is destined to be a massive success with consumers thanks to some of the excellent features that it boasts. One such feature is NFC, a new type of short range wireless connectivity that will enable users to enjoy new functionality such as automatic payment for goods and services. Sony have introduced another great use for NFC technology in the form of Smart Tags which we look at in a little more detail here.

Smart Tags are small coin sized tokens that send a series of commands to the Sony Xperia S that instruct the phone to perform certain functions. At this moment in time the tags enable you change your current profile on the device automatically in certain situations. When you first enter your house after being at work or school for the day many users will activate the WiFi features on their phone so that they can connect to their home network. Other users may chose to disable the GPS features so they do not place additional strain on the battery. One of these new Smart Tags can be programmed to automatically perform all of these functions. This would mean that the user could simply walk through their door and swipe their handset over this Tag and these changes would instantly be applied to the phone. When retiring to bed for the night a simple swipe could put the phone into silent mode and activate the alarm. The are numerous possibilities where these exciting new innovations can benefit the everyday use of the phone.

Obviously all of the tasks that Smart Tags perform on the Sony Xperia S can be done manually by the user but there is no doubt that they do make using the phone a much easier and less time consuming affair. It is widely expected that we see a release date in the second quarter of 2012 for these useful new innovations. In terms of retail price we should expect a price of around £25 for a set of four tokens. Although NFC is only currently available on a handful of devices the introductions of these Tags suggests that the technology is set to be adopted by many new models that are released. In addition to the functions we have discussed and the ability to pay for services with your phone there are other potential uses for this new technology. The system could replace Bluetooth as a means of data transfer between two handsets. Users can swap audio files or photographs quickly, securely and easily with NFC. Posters and advertisements at public locations can incorporate the technology to allow users to get additional information about the product or service being advertised. As more NFC devices are released we can expect even more uses for this technology to be made available.

The Sony Xperia S is an exciting new handset and when combined with a set of Smart Tags the device becomes even more appealing. NFC technology is a key feature on this phone and also looks set to be introduced on many more devices over the coming months.

The Sony Xperia S and the iPhone 5 are coming soon.

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