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A Look At The Aviary Photo Editing Application For The Motorola Razr

The new Motorola Razr smartphone is a device that boasts a number of super features but the photography facilities on this model have impressed us the most. The handset is capable of capturing high resolution 8 million pixel images that look superb. A new application is available for this model that allows you to further enhance the appearance of your photographs. Aviary is available from the Android Marketplace and offers a wealth of superb editing features, some of which we will take a look at here.

Despite offering a huge number of features that enable you to make both minor and major adjustments to your photographs it is rather surprising to see that the Aviary application is available free of charge. This comprehensive editing suite is a scaled down version of the popular desktop version. A simple interface makes editing your images a very simple task. Along the bottom of the Motorola Razr screen there is a scrolling toolbar that features several icons that each makes a different adjustment to your photo. All of the basic editing features that you would expect to find on such a piece of software are present. The crop facility is particularly useful as it enables you trim your image prior to uploading it to sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Contrast and brightness settings can be easily adjusted and the simple orientation tool lets you flip the image 90 degrees, perfect if you have taken the photo in portrait mode but want to view it in landscape mode on a PC monitor or widescreen television.

A number of picture effects can be added to your photographs taken on the Motorola Razr to make them look even more eye catching. These effects are basically a variety of filters that are applied to your shot to give them a very vintage or retro appearance. Several of these are available on the application but there are also some additional options available to purchase if you desire. The Aviary software will automatically send you to the Android marketplace should you want to add these additional filters to your collection. Aviary works with pinch to zoom gestures which enables you to get a really precise level of zoom magnification on all of your images. This is perfect if you want to use features that remove the red eye from your snaps or make a detailed adjustment to a specific area of the photograph. A number of paintbrush effects and stickers are also available if you want to have a bit of fun with your friends faces in an image. Add some head wear and glasses from the dozens of sticker options that are available or perhaps change their hair style with the paintbrush feature. Aviary really does offer a huge number of options from basic and useful adjustments to options that let you have a little fun with your photographs.

The 8 mega pixel camera on the Motorola Razr has always impressed us and using the feature with an application such as Aviary really does make the camera package on this model one of the very best currently available.

The Motorola Razr and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.

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