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New Waterproof Coating And Interface Changes Expected On The iPhone 5

As the release of the iPhone 5 draws closer we are learning more details on various features that are set to be incorporated on this excellent new model. It is already known that the device will feature a more powerful chipset along with a larger display. Here we have a look at some other new ideas set to be introduced on this forthcoming model.

The new iPhone 5 looks set to be the first iPhone to feature a special waterproof coating. This new coating is developed by a company called Liquipel and also looks set to be used on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. This special coating will be used on the internal elements of the phone in addition to the outer shell. This is great news for more careless users and can save a lot of money on very expensive repairs and replacements. Normally when water enters the body of a phone the chances are that the phone will cease to function although some users have been lucky enough to revive their device by allowing it to dry out completely. Although this new treatment does not mean that you can use your phone in water is does help protect the device in case of accident.

When the iPhone 4S was launched in 2011 it boasted a brand new version of the famous iOS operating system. It is widely predicted that the new iPhone 5 will be accompanied by another new version that will offer many improvements to the consumer. It is expected that iOS6 will incorporate a new data control interface named Persistent Overlay. In November Apple submitted a patent for this feature which uses new way of managing all data that is displayed on your device from media files to web pages. This would be a changed welcomed by many iOS users as although the current interface is easy to use and very functional it does lack the visual appeal of other systems such as Android and Windows 7.5. It is unlikely that many new features will be present on this new software and any changes will relate to navigation and design which should help to make the platform the number one mobile operating system.

The new waterproof coating that is set to be used on the new iPhone 5 is an exciting development which will add to the appeal of this new model. Predicted changes in the operating system should breath new life into the excellent but slightly dated interface that has been used on iPhone models for over three years.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the iPhone 4S is available now.

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