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A Look At Some Great Fitness Applications For The Samsung Galaxy S2

Recently we took a look at the iPhone 4S and how it could benefit users who were looking to use gym facilities or lose weight with a number of superb applications. We though that it would only be fair if we looked at some similar features available for the Samsung Galaxy S2, the device that became the best-selling phone of 2011 and remains one of the most popular handsets on the market.

Many of the applications that we highlighted in our recent look at the iPhone 4S are also available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 so we will not look at these again as the functionality is identical on both devices. There are several superb applications available that can help S2 users reach their fitness goals. Everybody know that drinking plenty of water is vital for anybody who is looking to lose weight. The problem is that many of us do not consume the recommended levels so an excellent, simple new app is available to help in this area. Drinking Water is developed by Chickpin and is available for free form the Android marketplace. This simple software allows you to specify how many glasses of water you would like to drink per day and enables you to check them off as you consume them. When using this application the Galaxy S2 can also alert you when you are due another glass by activating an alarm. If you have been drinking too much alcohol and not enough water then the Beergut Fitness application lets you tell the phone how many drinks you have consumed and the device will then calculate how much walking, cycling or running you need to perform to work these calories off. The application is not designed to be a complete fitness plan but it is a very useful tool if you are feeling guilty about a night out or a few drinks at a restaurant.

If you are looking to use your Samsung Galaxy S2 as part of a more structured fitness regime there are some excellent applications available for users of all fitness levels. The excellent C25K application aims to take a beginner and have them comfortably running 5km within nine weeks. The software schedules a number of runs over the nine week period that increase in intensity each week. When you are jogging the software gives you audio alerts that tell you when to increase or decrease your pace. If you prefer to use the services of a gym then Jefit is a superb application for both newcomers and experienced gym users. This software tracks all of your repetitions and routines and generates a number of body statistics that inform you of what areas are benefiting most from your regime. Over 500 different exercises are included on the application which is available for free from the Android marketplace. If you opt to purchase the premium edition this will set you back £4.99 but it dispenses with adverts and also gives you access to a more detailed analysis of your workout.

Modern mobile phones are the perfect accessory for anybody who is looking to lose weight or keep fit and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is no exception. Whether you simply want to be more careful about what you eat or you want to build fitness levels by running or using a gym there are numerous excellent applications available to help you in this area.

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