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A Look At The Benefits Of The Audio Manager App On The Samsung Galaxy S2

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of the Android powerhouse that is the Samsung Galaxy S2, you will no doubt be impressed with its plentiful high-end features. In this article I will look at how you can enhance the audio controls with a downloadable app from the Android market called Audio Manager.

What Is Audio Manager?
It is an app which is available to download for free from the Android Market onto smartphones and tablets which run the Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S2 currently has version 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) of the platform so it will function with no problems on this handset. The app brings all of the handset's audio controls onto a single interface, which simplifies the task of setting your preferred sound levels for different aspects of the phone.

On most smartphones, there is a volume rocker on the side of the phone, which generally adjusts the ringtone volume, or the voice volume when used during a call. If you want to adjust the volume of other sounds like media playback (like music tracks), SMS and MMS alerts, social networking notifications and new email alerts, you generally have to adjust these individually from the settings panel of the phone, or within the settings of specific applications.

This is where the Audio Manager app is advantageous, as you can adjust your alarm volume, media volume, alerts volume, ringer volume, system volume and voice volume from a single interface. This is a real time saver, but the benefits go even further. You can assign profiles for different situations, with all of your volume settings saved to each one. For example, you can set a profile for the workplace with the message and ringer volumes set to vibrate or silent so your phone does not ring in a meeting, or you could set a profile for when you are driving with the ringer volume higher than normal so you can hear it over the sound of the engine and traffic. You can even schedule when you want a profile to be activated, so you could set the work profile to activate for when you arrive at your workplace, making it a truly set and forget app.

The interface of the app could not be easier to use; using the touchscreen of the Samsung Galaxy S2, simply use the slider function to adjust volumes to your preferred levels. The app is available as a standalone application which needs to be opened in order to use it, and there is a widget version available which is instantly accessible when assigned to a homescreen of the TouchWiz UI.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 and other Android smartphones are capable of some amazing things, apps like Audio Manager make life that little bit easier. As the app is free to download, I certainly suggest that you try it out, especially if you use your phone in different scenarios which call for different volume settings.

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