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The iPhone 4S - A Great Companion For People Looking To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

There are numerous tasks where the excellent iPhone 4S can prove a great assistant. Anybody who is looking to use the gym or improve their general fitness will find the phone a valuable asset. We take a look at applications that can help the user in this area.

The iPhone 4S features GPS technology so the exact location of your device can be tracked via satellite. This has benefits for obvious applications such as navigation services but it also has huge advantages for users who are looking to keep in shape by jogging, walking or cycling. Various applications such as iMapMyFITNESS and Nike+GPS use data from the GPS service to provide the user with a huge number of statistics such as calories burnt and distance travelled. The ability to use both services with the built in music playback facility means that users can create their own playlist to accompany them while keeping fit. If you prefer to use a Gym to keep yourself in shape then there are numerous apps available to help make your time at the gym a more enjoyable affair. In addition to the built in music player there are a variety of applications that allow you to watch video content which is perfect if you are using an exercise bicycle or a treadmill. These applications help you get better results from the equipment you are using as you are focusing your attention on the phone rather than the timer that the machine displays. Thirty minutes on a treadmill goes by much faster when watching an episode of your favourite television programme. Applications such OPlayer and Buzz Player give you access to a huge selection of material that can be viewed on your phone.

Exercise is not the only requirement to keeping your body in shape and any expert will tell you that diet is also a vital aspect. The iPhone 4S offers a huge selection of applications that let you plan meals and keep track of what you are eating. Services such as BigOven and RecipeFinder allow you to find the best recipes for you and are ideal companions for somebody who is looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and plan their meals carefully. You can simply list the ingredients that you wish to use and the software will produce a number of meal ideas based on this information. Alternatively you can simply browse the huge number recipes that are on offer. In addition to this kind of service there are also applications like MyFitnessPal available which help you to track what you are eating rather than plan what you are going to consume. This excellent app enables you to set a target weight loss goal and allocates you with a number of calories that you are allowed to consume daily. All that is leaves you to do is record what you eat throughout the day. This can be done by either scanning the bar code of the product or manually entering the information.

The iPhone 4S can be the perfect companion to anybody who is looking to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle. A range of applications are available to help you reach your goals while making the whole experience more enjoyable at the same time.

The iPhone 4S and the Blackberry Bold 9790 are available now.

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