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The iPhone 4S And The Nokia Lumia 900 - An Overview Of Camera Features And Operating Systems

The new Nokia Lumia 900 is the flagship model in the new Lumia range of mobile smartphones. The excellent phone use the Windows 7.5 operating system and has been receiving some great reviews from industry experts. We thought we would see how this model compares to the iPhone 4S, one of the most popular devices available. Previously we took a look at screen technology and processing power so here we will compare the operating systems and media features that both models incorporate.

The iPhone 4S uses the excellent iOS5 operating system that has been developed by Apple. This version of the platform was introduced to coincide with the launch of the 4S in October 2011. The great thing about iOS5 is that it is probably the easiest mobile operating system to use. The simple grid layout of icons is both attractive and functional and users can normally find their way around the platform after just a few minutes of use. This version of the operating system also includes some improvements over previous versions such as the ability to launch applications directly from the lock screen and a new Notifications Centre.

Another major attraction of this system is the excellent App Store that is available. Users can choose from over half a million applications to download to their device with titles that range from leading games titles to photograph editing suites. The Nokia Lumia 900 uses the relatively new Windows 7.5 operating system. This is the only platform that offers levels of simplicity that can rival iOS5. Thanks to the experience of Microsoft in developing operating systems the platform is one of the most secure available with a variety of excellent security options installed on the model. Windows is still relatively new so the number of applications available is nowhere near what you can find on iOS5 or Android but the ones that are available do seem very impressive. With these numbers steadily increasing one day the platform may overtake the likes of Android and Apple but at this moment in time it simply does not offer the choice of software to overshadow the iPhone 4S in this department.

The iPhone 4S includes some excellent camera features that help the user produce stunning photographs and high quality video footage. The still camera facility can capture photographs at an impressive 8 million pixel resolution. Not only is the resolution very high but the camera also uses excellent quality optics to help produce some fantastic results. The phone includes an LED flash to help users get clear results when lighting conditions are less than perfect. The model also includes an excellent HDR mode which stands for High Dynamic Range. When you take a photograph with this mode activated the camera actually captures three individual images at different exposure levels. The iPhone 4S then combines all three images to give you one final picture with improved results. Video is recorded at 1080P resolution which is superb quality but can consume lots of storage space. The Lumia 900 also uses an 8 million pixel camera feature which makes use of high quality Carl Zeiss optics. A dual LED flash provides more additional lighting than what the 4S can offer and there is also autofocus facility and geo tagging options. In terms of video recording the Lumia 900 records in high definition but at a 720P resolution which is lower than what the 4S records.

There is no doubt that both the Nokia Lumia 900 and the iPhone 4S will be among the most popular phones over the coming months. The Apple device does offer a superior camera facility to its rival while the iOS5 operating system offers to much choice for Windows 7.5 to compete with at this moment in time.

The iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are available now.

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