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How Screen Quality And Battery Performance Compare On The Samsung Galaxy R And The LG Optimus 2X

If you look beyond the dozens of premium mobile phones that are available you will find some excellent value models that still offer some impressive specification. One such model in the new Samsung Galaxy R, a device launched as a cheaper alternative to the best selling Samsung Galaxy S2. Here we take a look at screen technology and battery performance on this phone and the new LG Optimus 2X.

The Samsung Galaxy R and the LG Optimus 2X both boast high quality LCD screens. The Samsung model uses a 4.2 inch capacitive touchscreen which can display an impressive resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. This resolution enables the model to produce a pixel density of 222 pixels per inch. When we tested the screen we observed that their was a slight loss of quality when viewing the device from extreme angles but in general the model performed very well and reproduced excellent colours. The LG Optimus 2X uses the same resolution display as the Samsung although the screen on this model is slightly smaller at 4 inchs. This has a positive effect on pixel density meaning the model can display an impressive 233 per inch which is a figure slightly higher than what the Galaxy R can offer. What we did notice however when testing the device was that the viewing angles on this model were not as good as we found on the Samsung. There really is very little difference between the two screen used on these devices. Both models produced a high quality of image and although the Samsung produced more vibrant colours we found more depth on the LG handset.

The Samsung Galaxy R and the LG Optimus 2X are also fairly similar when we look at battery performance on both models. The Samsung incorporates a high capacity 1650mAh battery which can provide users with approximately 550 hours of standby time when connected to a 3G network. If we convert this figure into actual talk time then we can expect around 9 hours from the model. The Optimus 2X uses a smaller 1400 mAh battery that provides 400 hours of standby time and nearly 8 hours of actual talk time. When we tested the two devices we found that there was about one hours difference between the two models when performing a variety of tasks but in some areas the phones only differed by about 15 minutes. The two phones both offer a longer battery life than what you would expect from many more premium models such as the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

There really is little to choose between the Samsung Galaxy R and the LG Optimus 2X in the tests that we conducted. Both phones offer good quality visuals and impressive battery life although we suspect that the Samsung will prove more popular with the public thanks to the larger display that it uses and the strength of the Galaxy brand.

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