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How to View Google Maps Without Turning My Phone

 Use Google Maps on your cellphone to help you find a location. When you want to find a location on a map or get navigational directions while using your smartphone, you might prefer to view Google Maps and not have the map image turn if you rotate the phone. You can launch the Web browser on your phone to access Google Maps, but if you leave the screen orientation on your phone unlocked, the browser window will display in widescreen orientation when you turn the phone sideways. Instead, you can use the Google Maps app on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia or Windows mobile phone.

Tap the "Google Maps" icon on your smartphone's screen to launch the app.
Tap "Search" and type an address or a city in the search field. Tap "Search" again.
Touch the phone's display with two fingers and pinch outward to expand the image, or tap the map repeatedly to zoom in. The map stays in vertical portrait mode even if you rotate the phone, with one exception -- the updated version of the Google Maps app for Android has an option that lets you tap the "Compass" icon at the top of the screen to enable map rotation as you rotate the phone. Do not tap this icon if you want Google Maps to stay fixed in vertical portrait mode.
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