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How to Use Text Messages on a Samsung Alias

The Samsung Alias cellphone has the ability to send and receive text, picture and video messages if you have a messaging plan through your cellphone provider. Some providers allow you to send and receive messages for a per-message fee, even if you do not have a texting plan, so it is important to check with your provider to discuss applicable plans, fees and charges before using your Alias for texting.

Press the "OK" key when you receive notification that you have received a text message to open and read the message.
Press the right and left arrow keys around the "OK" button to scroll to the next or previous message.
Push the "OK" key while viewing a text message to reply to the person who sent you the message.
Type your message with the QWERTY keyboard if you have the phone opened in landscape mode. Press "OK" to send the message.
Type your message using the alphanumeric keys if your Samsung Alias is open in portrait mode.
Press the soft key under "Abc" to change the text entry mode.
Press the soft key under "Options" to select additional options for your text message, such as sending it marked "high priority," adding a callback number or changing the size or color of the text. Formatting may not show to the recipient if they do not have a phone that supports viewing messages in different font sizes or colors.
Push the soft key under "Message" to create a new text message. Push the "1" key to select a new message and push "1" again to choose a text message.
Enter the phone number you want to send a text message to or select a number from your contact list or your list of recent calls by pushing the soft key under "Add." Push the "OK" key to send your message after you type it.
Word mode automatically attempts to recognize words entered with the alphanumeric keypad by pressing each key only once. For example, to enter the word "cat" you could press the "2" key twice -- once for "c" and once for "a" -- and press the "8" key once for letter "t." Word mode will recognize that "cat" is a common word with that number combination and will offer the word "cat" as an option for your message.
Voice mode allows you to press and hold the speaker key to speak your text message. The phone will automatically transcribe your words to text. Double-check text messages entered in this mode for accuracy.
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