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How to Flash a BlackBerry Curve for Metro PCS

Prepaid wireless carrier MetroPCS offers a service known as "MetroFLASH" to customers of other cell phone networks who want to make the switch to MetroPCS. Only certain devices---namely CDMA phones that don't require the use of a SIM card---work on MetroPCS. If you use a BlackBerry Curve on a CDMA network such as Verizon or Sprint, for example, bring it to your nearest MetroPCS store and have it flashed while you wait.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1
Cancel existing service on your BlackBerry Curve. Although flashing it to MetroPCS enables you to use the device with a MetroPCS number, you will nonetheless continue being billed for existing service unless you explicitly cancel it with your carrier.
Locate your nearest MetroPCS store if you don't know where one is. Input your ZIP code in the MetroPCS "Store Location" and click "Get Started."
Visit the MetroPCS store and inform the associate you would like to "MetroFLASH" your BlackBerry Curve to the network, a procedure that costs $15 as of June 2011. Wait while the associate flashes your device, then return to the service counter to select service options for the BlackBerry Curve.
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