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How to Cancel the Internet on a Verizon Phone

 Internet or data plans are optional on many Verizon phones and can be easily cancelled. Cell phone plans can often be expensive, especially if you are being billed for features that you don't need. Although many Verizon users find Internet or data plans to be a useful feature on their phone, some would rather cancel the Internet or data plan to save money. You can cancel the Internet on a Verizon phone through Verizon's website.

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Log in to your Verizon Wireless account with your username or phone number and password.
Scroll down to the "I Want To..." category and click the "Change Features" button.
Select the phone that you want to cancel Internet on.
Scroll down to the "Data Packages" category.
Click the "Remove" button next to the data or Internet package that you currently have.
Scroll down and click "Next." Select whether you want to remove the feature as of the first day of your current billing cycle or as of today. If you choose the first day, you will receive a full credit for the Internet feature as long as you have not used the Internet feature during the billing cycle. If you choose as of today, you will receive a partial credit based on the number of days left in the billing cycle.
Click "Next" again to complete the process of canceling the Internet on your Verizon phone.
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