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Easy Way to Get Pictures From Computer to Cellphone

Your cellphone's features determine the ease with which you can get photos from your computer to your phone. If the phone can access the Internet, you can email photos to yourself and open them on your phone. Another option is to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and then copy photos to your phone. Keep in mind that if your phone does not have adequate storage, you won't be able to save photos to it.

Log in to your email account on your computer and open a blank email. Type your email address in the recipient's field.
Click "Attachment" to open the File Search dialog box.
Select the photos you want to download to your phone. If you want to download many photos, you may have to divide them over several emails, depending on the size limits of your email service. Send the email.
Log in to your email account on your cellphone. If your phone has an email application, make sure you enter your email through this application. Open the email you sent to yourself.
Click "Download all attachments." The location and the name of this button will vary depending on your phone.
Put all the photos you want to download to your cellphone in a folder on your computer desktop.
Connect your cellphone to your computer using the phone's USB cable. Click "Start" on the PC's task bar and then "Computer."
Locate the name of your phone under "Devices and Removable Storage."
Copy and paste or drag and drop the photo folder you created onto the name of your device.
Wait until all the photos have finished downloading before you disconnect your phone from your computer.
If you have an iPhone and you want to save photos on it through the USB cable, you must sync the photos to your device through iTunes.
Some phones come with a disc containing an application you must install on your computer in order to transfer photos through the USB cable.
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