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How to Leave a Message Without Listening to the Recording

 Leave a message when you do not want to talk. Voicemail is a handy feature that allows callers to leave messages when you are not available to answer the phone. If you want to reply to a person's message, but do not have time to talk, know that you have another option for leaving a message. Instead, you may leave a message without dialing the phone number. This is a desirable option if you happen to be too busy to talk. It could also help eliminate any awkward moments between the two parties. Depending on your wireless provider, you may be able to bypass the calling feature.

Dial your 10-digit phone number or voicemail code. Depending on your provider, the code may be *81.
Enter your password when prompted. Select the option to leave a message to another phone. This will vary by wireless provider.
Enter the recipient's 10-digit mobile number.
Record your voicemail message. State your name and the reason for the call.
Replay the message. Save, modify or delete your message. Hang up when you are done with the service.
The recipient will receive notification when he or she has a voicemail message.
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