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Why The New iPhone Is Great for Travellers

For readers curious about the Apple iPhone 5, this article is a must read. The iPhone 5 is easy to use because of the touch screen interface. This phone ships with many amazing applications at the consumer's fingertips to help them with personal and business needs. Let's look at the top five standard applications.

5) For those who travel internationally, the iPhone 5 can be used anywhere in the world. This phone allows users to switch between thirty languages. Built in dictionaries help users translate messages from one language to another.

4) Apple maps offer turn by turn navigation with spoken directions. The iPhone 5 even picks up traffic information. If there is construction, traffic jams or accidents, Apple maps will notify users and offer alternative routes. Users can even see overhead, three-dimensional live pictures of their destination. Clearly this feature is useful for families on vacation or employees who must travel for business.

3) FaceTime is an easy to use application that allows users to see each other in live video as they have a telephone conversation. When people want to talk to someone in their contact list, simply say "Facebook time with the person's name." This is fantastic for families who live hundreds or thousands of miles apart. FaceTime is also good for people who travel for business to keep in touch with their families. This application is useful for businesses that have offices in more than one location. Business meetings can be conducted anywhere with this live video service.

2) The Passbook application on the iPhone 5 allows users to order airplane tickets, gift cards, and movie tickets on their phone. When users get to the airport their boarding pass is ready to go on their phone. They simply show the ticket agent their phone with the boarding pass on the screen. Passbook stores coupons, gift cards, and other tickets on your phone. When people arrive at their destination, they simply show their telephone screen. This eliminates the need to keep track of paper coupons or tickets.

1) The Siri application is like having a personal assistant. Users can verbally tell the phone to text someone, look up information on the internet and ask for business recommendations. The iPhone 5 will verbally answer questions and bring up the information on the screen.

Clearly, cell phones have gone beyond simple phone calls and texting. Now smartphones like the Apple iPhone 5 allow users to have a virtual office, computer, map, dictionary, email, and airline tickets at their fingertips. The Apple iPhone 5 makes life easier for everyone.

Sel Jones, the author, has been looking into the best iphone deals as he spends a lot of time traveling for work and thinks these features are fantastic.

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