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Poor Mobile Signals And Tips To Boost Them

Poor signal is a common problem in terms of mobile phones, but there are ways to boost the signals. However, never think that you can do it quickly because such a reception issue occurs for different reasons including atmospheric, or topographical problem that hinder the frequencies coming to or from the phone. Before trying any method, you should make sure that your phone is properly charged, and even after that if signals are poor, then try the given tricks.

Explore the reasons:

You can deal with the problem if you have some knowledge, as phone networks are operated by towers covering a limited area. There are many obstructions which reduce the effectiveness of the signals, as

• Mountains, buildings, valleys, and tunnels may cause poor signals.

• Sometimes electronic devices also affect the signals.

• Some people don't believe it but, weather plays a vital role in reception, as humidity, clouds, and lightning may cause hindrance.

• However, sometimes the issue is simple, like whether you are holding the phone properly or not, or if the internal antenna is working well.

Sometimes, a specific time also affects the signals, moreover you can discuss this signal issue with others having the same phone set.

How to fix?

You can solve the issue only after finding the reason behind it and different fixing methods are described accordingly.

Change the place

If signal problem happens due to any nearby electronic device, then you should change the place to make a call, like you can go outside the house or office. If it happens due to room walls, you should get near the window or an open place to make a call.

Use antenna

Some phones need external antenna for better signals, but people mostly don't like this idea. As, such an antenna may hinder in movement, but it can help a lot in remote areas where signal problem persists.

Use repeaters

It's a common way for urban settings, as the device gets weak signals through an external antenna, then amplifies and broadcasts them over the required area via an internal antenna. Though, it's a best solution, but repeaters also have some problems. They need enough signals, and they are also expensive and need technical knowledge.

Change phone's place

Though, phones have become very stylish, but they have several reception issues, which may happen due to your hands. So, simply by changing your hands' position you can make the signals better. You can even use a headset to get good results.

Consult the wireless provider

Though, different tricks help in getting good signals, but mostly the issue is network related, hence you should contact the phone provider, as the problem could be due to some newly installed tower.

All these methods will definitely help you to some extent.

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