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Innovative Apps for iPhone 3GS

When you have already taken the big step by jailbreaking your iPhone all you need to do is deciding the apps you want to use. If you have already taken a look towards what is in the store, you must have realized that there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from. The alternative apps are plenty but you need to focus on your requirement. Few software may look good but you might not be in need of them. Also there are apps that are a must as they help in the overall performance of the iPhone. Below mentioned is a condensed list of jailbroken iPhone apps that are available at cydia.


This is the app that allows you to invoke actions by using shortcuts from anywhere in the iOS. The number of shortcuts that are available is alarming. A double tap on the home button, a triple tap on the status bar or double press the sleep button to get weather report. The shortcuts are limitless; the only problem is to remember them. Activator is a good software that can be used by advanced users.

SB settings:

If you want to access Wi-Fi setting without going through the hassle of exiting the app that you were working on, SB Settings is for you. Developers can also create customized toggles SB settings. You can install the same for free from Cydia. SB settings can be accessed from the notification bar or the status bar.

Winter Board:

To download custom themes from Cydia choose winter board. It is one of the most popular app that allows you to change the appearance of the iPhone. It also allows you to change the icons, lock screen, background, font and much more. You can also make changes in the custom sounds with winter board. The best feature of winter board is that there is no limit on the number of themes that you can download and you can also mix and match many themes together.


It customizes the iOS with a different approach. It can increase the number of icons in the dock up to 10. It can change the effect on the dock, change the duration of the animation, lock screen, enable app switcher and remove the page limit. It also allows you to resize and hide the icons of few apps.


This app adds lot of features to the already existing notification center. You can access the lock screen, text of the email and calendar from within the notification center. You can also access facebook, twitter and news feeds and RSS feeds from here. It adds badges for missed calls, emails, phone calls and silent status bar.


One of the important features that is missing from the iOS is a file manager. iFile offers a file manager that compensates for the same. It gives you the access to device files like Finder on Apple Mac. You can also edit text files and lists by using iFile.

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