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How To Increase Sales And Revenue With Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce or mCommerce is one of the most innovative mobile payment platforms that support a seamless on-the-go shopping experience using a mobile Smartphone, tablet or any other emerging Internet-enabled technology device. Mobile commerce is experiencing such explosive growth that many retailers are rushing towards this trend to enable their customers buying and selling of products and services through a mobile device.

The article below explores how mobile commerce is going to redefine the way business is done via mobile payment platform all over the world and identifies some ways how to increase sales and revenue with it.

Mobile Friendly Website

Today's consumers want to browse and buy on-the-go. This behavior enhances the use of mobile based websites and further conduct commerce. Therefore, it is important to consider an m-Commerce website. This will engage customers and drive their participation in commercial activities. This means the companies should convert their website into a mobile friendly site and leverage the opportunity to increase sales and revenue.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are the other important way to utilize mobile commerce technology. The companies can promote their products and services and reach and sell to their target customers via mobile campaigns. Real-time transaction-based customer analytics also allow companies to evaluate and track their campaign's effectiveness.

Mobile Payment Application

Companies can offer their customers a free mobile payment application for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android and Windows Mobile Smartphone. While the customers can avail multiple services and buy products on such a common mobile payment platform. There are so many mobile payment applications available in the market. Next generation mWallet payment application is one such application which offers a safe, reliable and secure mobile payment processing orders in a real time.

NFC Mobile Payments

NFC (Near Field Communication) plays an important role in shaping the future of mobile commerce. An instant contactless payment system through NFC can add convenience to process transactions on the spot. A lot of mobile phones are not yet NFC enabled, but when the mobile phone manufacturers provide this feature in all the phones this will boost mobile commerce services.

Though, mobile commerce is still at a nascent stage but it is poised for exponential growth in the retail industry. So spend a little time understanding how next generation mCommerce ecosystem empowers the merchant, telcos and operators, and the mobile sales force with the ability to process customer orders anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

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Shashi K Singh is a social media manager with vast experience, now working for xpWallet - Next Generation mWallet products and services provider, an emerging leader in the space of mobile financial services & mobile wallet Payment Solutions.

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