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How to Configure Wi-Fi Only Video Playback on Your iPhone, iPod or iPad

The official Netflix application supports all of Apple's primary portable devices including the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Certain iPhone and iPad models come with a cellular data connection that allows you to watch Netflix movies on the go. The problem is, however, that streaming a Netflix movie in high definition takes up a lot of bandwidth. By streaming just a few movies a month you could easily come dangerously close to or even exceed your monthly data allotment given to you by your cellular provider. Exceeding your monthly limit could result in huge overages and expensive phone bills. The solution to this potential issue is to configure your Netflix application to only play videos on your device while you're on a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi bandwidth doesn't go against your data plan, which means that Netflix can't possibly result in higher phone bills each month.

Step 1
Close out of any application you're running by pressing your iOS device "Home" button. Note that you do not actually configure Netflix video playback settings in the official Netflix application. Instead, you need to make these changes in a separate location. As a result, the Netflix application or any other app should not be open at this time.

Step 2
Open your iOS "Settings" app by tapping its icon with your finger a single time. The column on the left side of the screen is also labeled "Settings." Scroll through this column until you reach the final section that contains entries for the various third party applications that are installed on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. The appropriate section will be located just below the section that contains options relating to the native integration for the Facebook and Twitter social networking services on your device.

Step 3
Tap "Netflix" one time to open the Netflix configuration utility for your device. A series of three options will be listed on screen separated into two distinct sections. The first section contains the "About" and Reset" options. The second section, labeled "Video Playback," contains the "Wi-Fi Only" option.

Step 4
Tap once on the "Off" button next to the word "Wi-Fi Only." The Wi-Fi only playback capabilities of Netflix will now be enabled on your device.

Step 5
Close the "Settings" application. If your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad isn't connected to a Wi-Fi Internet network, the Netflix application will refuse to play back movies and television shows until such a time when that type of connection can be established.
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