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Google Readying New Nexus Mobile Phones - Apple Fights Back With Massive New Product Launch

Talk of the town in mobile-technology industry for past several months has been "Will they or won't they?" situation surrounding the iPad Mini. Ever since the idea of a smaller iPad was first debunked by co-founder Steve Jobs in 2010, the world has been dying to find out whether or not the Cupertino collective was bluffing. Well, recently Apple seemed to confirm that they were; as despite no new mobile phones making an appearance, the iPad Mini was officially born!
... and it certainly didn't come to the party alone.

Strength in Numbers
The arrival of the iPad Mini has come to be expected with the same level of certainty as the sun rising in the morning. The incredible success stories of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7 had made the iPad Mini inevitable; therefore, its appearance recently was not exactly a surprise.
What was a surprise, however, was the way Apple decided to up the ante considerably by throwing all manner of goodies into the affray, stopping just short of including the kitchen sink. Along with the iPad Mini, the world was also introduced to the slightly more-affordable 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, new Mac Minis and perhaps most surprising of all, a brand-new iPad 4.
Apple is long known to reveal and unleash new iPads closer to the springtime, so what exactly is their game here? Why launch so many products at once that could steal attention from each other? Possibly could it be to make the most of the Christmas buying season?
Perhaps in part, but more likely the answer is an attempt to thwart the chances of Google and Microsoft thus stealing their thunder.

Google Nexus
While nothing is yet confirmed, rumor has it that Google's press event next Monday will herald the introduction of the all-new Google Nexus 10 tablet, which has a spec and feature list mighty enough to dethrone the iPad. In addition, the event is also scheduled to include the debut of the very first LG Nexus series of mobile phones, which again packs a wallop sizable enough to knock the iPhone 5 off its pedestal.
Given the fact that we already knew most of this, chances are the folks at Apple were way ahead of us all along and have thus acted accordingly. There's nothing like drawing attention away from a rival's latest and greatest product launch with one or two of your own - never mind the half a dozen or so Apple has thrown into the mix.

Microsoft Surface
Now here comes the Microsoft Surface Tablet as well, which has had the mother of all marketing campaigns thrown behind it and looks set to take the world by storm. While hitting the market as a very different animal than the iPad, the Surface Tablet nonetheless is gunning for the same market and stands a very good chance.
That is of course, unless Apple's tactics pay off and most have already forgotten about their rival brands and their upcoming products launches, which is doubtful to say the least.
Learn about how the big guns of communication industry trying to baffle each other out with their mobile phones, tablets and pads. See how Google vows to give a tough time to big names like Microsoft and Apple. With so many competitors in mobile phones and Tablet PC industry, it is quite interesting to see how things turn out to be.
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