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Best Smartphones of the Moment

When someone is looking for today's best smartphone, the brand that produces that device should be a major factor in the decision. There are a lot of companies that have appeared over night and tend to tempt the possible clients through a larger list of specs than the competition but people should be aware that this technique is mainly used by companies that consider the advertising to be more important than the quality of the product its self. Picking the right smartphone for you will always be important because the new technology always increases a device's price. Nobody wants to spend huge amounts of money on products that are not reliable or do not work properly.

The first factor in choosing the perfect smartphone would be making a little research about the brand and its products. Almost every site that sells these products allows the buyers to write little reviews about their purchases. Another good researching tool would be to simply google the brand. A brand that is on the market for more than 5-10 years could be considered a trusted brand and the more experience the brand has the more reliable the product will be. I would personally trust the products made by Finland's finest brand in this domain, the Nokia Company. The first factor that impresses me about the company would be the experience in the domain.

Nokia was directly involved in the development of the GSM (or the Global System for Mobile Communications) and it has played a very important role when the GSM became the European standard for digital mobile technology in 1987. The first commercial GSM call was also made in Finland and as people might have expected it was also made using a Nokia networking system. A company like this must also be held in consideration due to its history in the mobile phone producing business. If a person thinks of a phone that is both reliable and worth the money then it has to be an old Nokia product. Just try to remember the Nokia 3310 or the 1100 devices. There were no other phones ever produced that could be more reliable. The battery life of the Nokia devices was remotely the best a person could have ever bought. Nokia has ruled the cell phone market for over ten years and this must be remembered. No other brand has got anywhere close to Nokia's sales because they became big using hard work, quality materials and components while constantly improving to build the most reliable products.

They haven't chose the TV or internet advertising, they chose to make their advertising through the clients satisfaction, throughout time. The sales of Nokia started falling a little when the Android OS smartphones have appeared because they defeated Nokia products due to the innovative features of the new OS. It showed really showed in the numbers and nobody can deny it but this was no reason for disappointment because it simply represented a new challenge for the highly experienced company. A contract was signed between Nokia and another Nokia-like company that had plenty of experience in its domain. The Nokia-Microsoft collaboration started as a reply to the new wave of Android powered smartphones. Microsoft has provided an operating system that was constantly improved since 1995 when the first mobile version of windows CE was developed.

The finished product of over fifteen years of research and improvement is called Windows Phone OS and it is by far the most helpful, entertaining and easy to use mobile operating system in the world. It has a revolutionary interface that is entirely customizable and the menu combines live data or information from the internet with information of file that are already stored on the phone for the fastest help a user could need from a smartphone. The features and capabilities of the smartphone are structured in major groups called "Hubs" so for making phone calls, sending SMS, instant messaging, e-mails or performing social media-related activities the user simply accesses the "People Hub". For the music or video player or media sharing, media streaming, or any other media-related activities the user accesses "Music and Video Hub" and the same goes for the other "Hubs". The point is that this smartphone OS was conceived to be the best smartphone OS available on the market and it has succeeded.

If we think about the Nokia brand and its history in the mobile phone development, its old products that were by far the best on the market and the new smartphones made by the same company but with the new, revolutionary Windows Phone OS, not to mention the significantly lower prices, the Nokia smartphones would be the best smartphones on the market.

I have also created an on-line page with my favorite smart phones. The page contains more information about the Nokia corporation and the new products. You may also find original reviews on the New Nokia Phones. Thank you!

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