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Shopping for a Mobile Device Management System

As a business grows, workers demand tools that will increase their productivity. Corporate leaders make decisions to distribute mobile devices like tablet computers and smartphones to the workforce. Though they have good reasons for doing this, they may find themselves frustrated with the decision as wireless telephone and data costs get out of control and managing the devices becomes cumbersome. There comes a time when a mobile device management system is required.

Candidates for Systems That Manage Mobile Devices

Businesses of any size can use a mobile device management system. A small business can benefit from the enterprise-level reporting that provides an overview of users and costs. Corporate leaders can see where telecommunication and data expenses stand and how things have changed over the past month. They can even drill down into the information, reviewing usage by user to ensure compliance with corporate mobile policies and identify opportunities for savings.

Medium-sized businesses can provide managers with access, driving accountability. The time required to complete tasks like monthly purchase and expense approval is reduced when these processes are automated. A large business can use the system to manage huge fleets of mobile devices. Customized reporting provides information workers with the data they need within seconds. The structure of the system can be modified as the needs of the business change, allowing for savings in service costs in any business environment.

Device Management System Options

A company has alternatives when choosing a system to manage mobile devices. Many software applications are available for purchase and these range in terms of features and complexity, with some being very labor-intensive and quite expensive. Another option is an online system that does not require the business to enter a long-term contract and offers a pay-as-you-go option. Many companies are finding this to be the preferred solution.

With this second type of system, mobile device data is encrypted and stored in a secured facility. Authorized users access it through a URL featuring password-protected access. They can view monthly usage and expense reports and a user-friendly wizard is available to customize or create reports to meet their needs. Various levels of access are supported so each user sees only the information he or she needs, maintaining security of valuable corporate data.

Value-Added Services

Corporate customers may have the ability to request a third-party analysis of the data generated by this system. Mobility experts will review the information and make recommendations for productivity and cost saving improvements. It may be possible to request an analysis of a particular set of data or ask for a specific type of analysis. This allows companies to pinpoint issues before they become major problems that cost money and valuable resources.

A client can request that changes recommended by the analysts automatically be made with the respective device career. Special situations like international travel can also be accommodated, allowing workers to minimize roaming costs. Clients can even request alerts that draw attention to prospective issues, allowing them to identify situations that they may have missed without such a system in place.

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