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Is Sony Xperia Ion a Good Smartphone to Buy?

Sony Xperia Ion has launched months ago but little is known about this phone as there are rivals that are taking the technology market by storm. This Smartphone has a 12mp camera, 720p display and LTE technology. These are not the only features this phone has, so let us find out more about this phone.

Design and hardware

Xperia ion is a phone that can be called as something substantial. The reason being, this phone has a screen of 4.6inches that makes it look rather large when you hold it in palm of your hands. Same is the case if you are carrying it in your pocket, you might feel a bit bulky. The design of this phone is somewhat doom shaped and the midsection seems to be a bit of bulge with 0.46 thickness.

Other things adding to the overall volume includes the 4.9 ounces of weight, this makes this phone rather chunky and sturdy compared to other Smartphones. The back cover of the Xperia is in aluminum brush finish that gives it a classy look. Essential connectivity options like USB and HDMI are hidden under the port cover. The speaker, flash and the 12mp camera are located at the center back that is in perfect symmetry. Other things include 3.5 mm jack for headset that is located at the top of the phone, the usual buttons for camera, volume and power are on the right hand side of the handset.

Touch sensitive buttons like home, menu, search and back buttons are hard to locate as they seem to be located between horizontal light and the screen. Therefore, you may actually have to locate these especially if you are in a dim lit room.

Screen Display

The screen display of this Smartphone is 4.6 inches and a resolution of 1280x720. An LCD screen with 720p that enables 342ppi. The screen is capable of HD imagery and good picture display. The images and videos are clear due to the tweaks that Sony has managed to apply in this handset. You will be comfortably able to view the screen under any given light condition and at any viewing angle. Another interesting thing is the Engine setting. This setting enables viewing images with much clarity and the video quality is relatively better with the introduction of this new feature. Now you can easily adjust brightness according to your own comfort. You get good viewing angels, clear pictures, sharp text and video display with realistic color quality.


Sony Xperia ion is powered by Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread this indicates that this phone is a bit behind when it comes to the technology. This is disappointing about this Smartphone as another Android version is being launched that makes this phone a bit historic in relation to the technology that is used in it. However, Ion will soon receive an upgrade in technology with 4.0 Android version. Still for technology enthusiasts, it is disappointing to discover that this handset will not be getting regular updates as compared to other versions.

Interestingly the functionality introduced by Sony called Liveware manager facilitates in launching clock as soon as you plug in a charger. This will help you identify the time taken for charging your handset. Other things include Timescape widget and app to enable social interaction tool, Facebook too is included in this phone. Other apps include the following apps by AT&T:

• FamilyMap
• Ready2Go
• Navigator app
• Message app similar to Google Voice
• PIM app

Additionally you will be able to avail the unlimited music and video services that come along as bundled services provided by Sony. You can unlock TV launcher by plugging in your handset into a Bravia with an HDMI.

Performance / Battery Life

This phone has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor to power it up and includes a RAM of 1GB. It has a MSM8260 Qualcomm S3 processor installed. This is another disappointment as the performance lags when it comes to speed. User will find the scroll functionality a tad bit slow as compared to other versions of Gingerbread phones. You get a battery of 1,900mAh, which is non-removable; this battery can last easily throughout the day without having to charge it. If you are indulging in LTE then you will need to charge it at the end of the day. Nevertheless, you have the advantage of an app called Power Saver, this will enable in saving power, as you will be able to toggle data and radio, you can toggle settings according to the timer.

Quality of Cameras

A 12-megapixel camera is located at the back and to enable video chat you will find a front facing camera with 720p. You will be easily able to capture images in low light; the flash facility will enable capturing decent images. The colors are lifelike and vibrant; you need not adjust settings for brightness or contrast. You can launch the camera functionality even in locked screen. Other features that you can play around with image stabilization, metering, exposure and other such functionalities for better image capture. The front facing camera is capable of capturing 1080p video to enable a decent video chat session.


With a 720p display this phone gives a decent video chat session, a 12 mp camera with flash is good for capturing images. The look and feel of the phone is classy and gives a premium product feel when you hold it in your hand. Priced at $99.99 this phone is a good deal to invest your money but of course you need face the fact that it has a dual core processor.

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