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How To Trace US Mobile Phone Number?

Received a call from someone pretending to be the Godfather? Or someone repeatedly forwarding you those silly messages and not picking up when you call back? If only if you could know who the caller was!

Well using some simple tools available on internet you can find all info about any number and trace it to its owner and address. And no I am not suggesting expensive reverse - tracing services, but all free to use services. The first thing to establish is the country of call. All American numbers have +1 appended to them. In case you are not sure about the country you can check for list of International country calling codes on Wikipedia. So once you are sure about the country, here is a list of some things you can trace back the number to origin.

Firstly, use Google to search for the number on the web and see what you get. Chances are that in case the number belongs to some company or professional they must have listed it on their website contacts page which Google would have crawled. Most of the time searching for the number on Google within quotes helps you find more info about the caller.

Secondly, In case the number belongs to some person and is not a company number - chances are that it would be found on the profile of the person on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. So searching for the number on these sites can help you get more info about the person owns the number.

Thirdly, Even if the above two tools don't work you still have the option of searching yellow pages and telecom service providers' directories online. If it's a business number you would definitely find it listed in yellow pages. These services are also free.

Fourthly, In US both mobile and landlines follow a numbering system in which they have the area code and and the unique subscriber number under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It consist of three-digit area codes and seven-digit telephone numbers. It also lists emergency and promotional numbers. Try looking up in the NANP Directory

Lastly, if you are not able to find any info about the mobile phone number using any of the above methods there are some sites which provide free info and help in tracing the phone numbers in America. But they do not provide complete details like name and address, but do provide reasonable idea of the geographic location of the mobile number.

One such site to help you trace mobile number location for free is AmericaTrace.com. It tells you the location of the caller. Besides it also has other free trace tools like area code finder, zip code trace etc.

Hope the tips above help you get all the info about your next caller.

Happy Tracing,

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