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NFC Technology Transforming Lifestyle

Like most other technologies, various researches into NFC technology have established that it can do much more beyond its current mobile payment application.

NFC or near field communication also known as Contactless payment, is a technology that allows electronic devices to communicate wirelessly. NFC does not require the devices exchange data to be in contact or connected to each other. Additionally, near field communication allows a device, usually a mobile phone, for communication between another device or NFC tag at close range.

In many ways, it's like a contactless payment card or mobile payment application that is integrated into a device and a POS terminal at a checkout counter. In case of, remote or unattended payment situations, like vending machines, road tolls, or parking meters, NFC contactless payments are considerably ideal.

You must have heard of NFC in reference to spurring contactless payment adoption, but here are some other uses of NFC that have great impact on our lifestyle:

Ticketing: NFC enables the ticketing process a more convenient. A user can use his Smartphone as a ticket. Through available apps in his Smartphone the user can buy tickets directly and scan his device to confirm at the venue. Just by tapping Smartphone, the user can buy tickets for cinema, game, or a concert directly at the venue, and also can make entry and exit at the subway terminals.

Parking: Mobile parking service is something that NFC-enabled phones can get people rid of long waits and rushing to cash to pay for parking. NFC parking meter allows people to pay for parking directly from their Smartphone. The parking owner can set-up flat, entry based or time based fee to be charged from the user. The user also gets metered time running-out alert or renewal alert on the phone.

Health Care: NFC has an excellent use in the health care system. It can be used to track the entire medication process of a patient. NFC tags provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with information about a patient's medication details. The information about every activity is updated on NFC tag after each time the tag is scanned.

Digital Copy: NFC-enabled Smartphone allows users to grab a digital copy of a newspaper, brochures and flyers on the move, and even pick up promotional offers and vouchers.

Networking: NFC-enabled Smartphone can store all sorts of personal information such as a business card, a resume, or just a basic name and address. A user can store all his details for sharing with friends and family. Companies also can store promotional information or a map of the building available in the lobby for the visitors.

Marketing: Instead of having Barcode Scanner to scan a QR code, NFC-enabled Smartphone users can just tap their phone on a poster and trigger an app download, or a promotional voucher. This allows companies to market their products for providing better shopping opportunities to their customers.

However, the success of NFC depends on how quickly it is adopted and the companies see the added value in using it. Like the latest Smartphone are offering everything as NFC. Once the iPhone 5 adopts NFC, we can expect some more impact of NFC on our lifestyle.

Shashi K Singh is a social media manager with vast experience, now working for xpWallet - Next Generation mWallet products and services provider, an emerging leader in the space of mobile financial services & mobile wallet Payment Solution.

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