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An 800 Number Lookup Could Cure Financial Headaches

For whatever reason, not all companies follow ethical business practices. Some decide to ignore their customers, or simply fail at delivering on what they promised. In extreme cases, some businesses may even steal money from customers and ignore all of the customer's attempts to contact the company. Regardless of why an individual would need to find the factual information of an 800 number, there are agencies out there that provide such services.

An investigative agency is capable of dedicating a team of researchers toward finding out the information behind an 800 number. Basically, an 800 number search is conducted using only a provided toll-free phone number. Professional investigators perform hands-on searching for both the billing name and address associated with the number, giving a customer the vital information they may need to complete a transaction. If the number is not a dedicated toll-free line, the agency may also be able to provide an individual with a ring-to number.

Here's an example: imagine you purchased a dishwasher from a local retailer. The dishwasher comes with a guaranteed warranty that will take care of all repairs needed within the first year of operation. This warranty, however, is not provided by the retailer or manufacturer but a third-party company. When your dishwasher breaks, you're supposed to call up the third-party company, who sends out a repairman. But what if the repairman fails at repairing the dishwasher, yet the third-party company ignores your call? By using an 800 number lookup, you regain the power to call the shots, because you have their physical address, and you no longer have to be ignored. Information is power, that's a cliché saying, but in this instance it's true. The more a customer knows about a company, the more they can control a transaction.

However, not all investigative agencies provide the same services. Instead of employing professional investigators, some agencies use 800 number search databases, which could contain outdated or inaccurate information. There is nothing worse than paying for a service, only to realize that what you received was not the most relevant or up-to-date information. Your best option is to find an agency that uses actual people to research your 800 number search. This gives you the highest chance of finding exactly what you need.

Even better: search for companies that offer some sort of financial or money-back guarantee. These are the investigative agencies that are so confident with their abilities that they will give money back if they fail. That's the kind of agency that you want to work with, because they care about the end goal, not the amount of money in their pocket. It'd be especially good if you found an agency that is a member of the United States Association of Professional Investigators (USA PI), because this means they are nationally recognized and accredited.

If you need an 800 number search conducted, start researching investigative agencies. Only you can decide on which agency will provide accurate information in a timely and affordable manner.

Need an 800 number investigative agency?

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