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Water Damage And Cell Phones

Nowadays, people take their cell phones with them wherever they go. There is often someone at a pool party that jumps in the water and forgets it's in his pocket. Other problems involve dropping it in the sink, or the bathtub, or over the side of the boat. Regardless of how it happens, water damage to a cell phone can be detrimental with negative consequences. Many people immediately begin taking apart their phones and trying to dry it out in hopes of reviving it, but does that always work?

Any cell phone that suffers water damage can be problematical, but why is it such a serious threat? Not only can it reach the circuit board of your phone, but it may get to the inner workings and inner components that enable your phone to function.

• Ocean Water Damage: If your phone gets damaged by ocean water, your cell phone could suffer from corrosion from the salt water. Because of this, damage can occur to your phone over time and can be permanent.

• Pool Water: This type of water contains chlorine in it, and the chemicals found in it can ruin your phone rather quickly. If the damage is not treated quickly it becomes permanent.

• Household Water: Even the water from your tap can contain chemicals in it that can cause permanent damage to the inner components of your phone. While corrosion doesn't take place as fast, the damage can be irreversible.

There are some service providers that offer a monthly fee to cover your phone against theft or other damages. Often water damage isn't covered, but you may find some private insurance companies that guarantee this. Some providers will offer a discount if the phone needs to be replaced, so it's important to read their terms. This still would be better than paying for the full price of the phone.

There are some things you can do though to help see if your phone can be saved from water damage. The first thing is to remove it from the water as soon as you possibly can. Dry the phone off on both sides and if possible, take the battery and the SIM card out. Lay your phone flat to dry for a few hours; better yet overnight. This will allow any excess water that may have gotten inside to dry out or run out of the phone. Having your phone soak in water, is not a good idea.

Taking care to get your phone out of the water as soon as possible is going to be the best way to save your phone. If you want, you can place your phone in a large bowl of uncooked white rice. Rice will help absorb the water that is in your phone and you can try again to see if it works.

Another thing to be careful about is how your phone is protected when you are at the beach. If it drizzles when you are walking, moisture may get into the head phone jacks. It is also easy to forget that when one leaves the ocean and checks the phone for messages that water may drip. Use caution and if necessary, leave your phone in the car when you are at the beach. Another approach is to place it in a plastic bag.

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