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O2 Signal Booster: The Best In The Business

Ever since the invention of the first cellular phones, which were those huge heavy devices with a pull out antennae only a selected lot of people used to own, reception has always been the spot of bother. And this bother has become accentuated with the onset of the smartphone revolution, when companies are punching out value-for-money smart phones, so that Internet access via GPRS has become something like an obligation. Some people blame the bad reception on the networks, some people blame it on the phone, and some even blame the buildings around them! But whatever be the reason, they are the ones who are being affected by it, and hence the calls to the customer service hotline keeps getting frequent, and more annoying.

Technology today has its answer to this problem of connectivity: a device known as a signal booster. As its name implies, it boosts the signal of access of the phone. It does this by not amplifying the signal at the point of transmission (i.e. the nearby cellular antenna) but at the receiver end (i.e. the phone). Explaining how it does this job will eventually make it sound like Greek and Latin, but to put it in a nutshell the O2 signal booster has a circuitry that has the required components for it to act like a transformer of radio waves, amplify the feeble signal incoming from the antennae into a strong signal and transmit it across to the phone. Thus the phone always has a strong reception signal even though the actual signal strength maybe quite feeble.

There are many advantages to having a signal booster in one's phones, and these aspects are accentuated for the people whose job is essential to have a constant phone and mobile internet connection like corporate executives, who literally live by their BlackBerrys. They can have a better signal reception without harking on and on at the customer service executives, have a faster internet connection and actually get a 7.2 Mbps download speed instead of a 7.2 kbps download speed. They can reduce the number of times important client calls get dropped because of the signal going flat when they are riding the tube and they enter a tunnel. It's even easy to use and install, and as most people may expect it DOES NOT need an electronics whiz to fit in. In fact any one can do it! And once fitted, it need not need any other major calibrations. But these gadgets come with a major, often problematic drawback: battery drainage.

Since there is an active amplification of the signal, the O2 signal booster drinks from the battery, and drinking it, does aplenty, though its better as compared to its competitors. Therefore after installing this gadget, one needs to always have their chargers or spare battery packs at hand so that they do not become unavailable for a battery problem instead of a reception problem.

I am Jaidon Mitchell from the United Kingdom. I have some information about signal booster and o2 signal booster to raise your signal.

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