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Tired of Poor Cell Phone Reception Indoors? Fix It Today!

We often hear the words, "Hello... Can you hear me now?" Such sentences are not music to our ears, and one just doesn't like facing such situations on the phone.

Most people face signal issues when making a call indoors. This is one of the major problems why people are not often satisfied with their cellular service providers.

There are many reasons and solutions to the problem. One of the major reasons for poor signal reception indoors is because it is 'indoors'. Houses today are very cluttered. There is no space for the signals to travel properly. They are also often not able to penetrate through a building's walls, because of the materials that are used to make them. Signals are prone to such interference and can be highly affected by certain metals.

The solution can often be simple, and that is to go outdoors. Not just the reach, some other factors might also affect your signal reception. For example, the positioning of your cell phone can be one of the causes. The correct position depends on the positioning of your cell phone's antenna. Make sure your hands do not cover your cell phone antenna for good reception.

In certain cases software issues can also affect signal reception. Such cases are rare but with the introduction of new and latest firmware regularly, outdated software can also cause the signals to drop. In certain scenarios removing firmware, deleting software, or booting the phone can help.

At times all that you need to do is restart your phone. It is recommended to switch off your phone daily for at least 5 minutes a day. It helps the phone reenergize. Since most the people have their phones on 24/7, it often becomes difficult for the phone to revitalize itself. A simple restart can help the phone connect to the signal waves.

One of the technical solutions to this problem is the installation of a signal booster or repeater. This method can be cost-effective but it has great outcomes. A signal repeater can increase the signal greatly by installing an antenna outside the building. The antenna is mostly fitted on the roof as to give it maximum reach. The antenna is connected with a wire into a basic unit that sends signals inside the house or office.

A booster can enables employees to make calls easily by improving signal reception indoors. It is a small cellular base station that has a radius of 60 to 150 feet, making it ideal for most houses. It connects to the service provider's network using the internet and can support up to four cell phones at a time in a residential setting. Enterprise settings allow it to support 16-20 phones for a little extra charge.

Now that you know about signals and the reasons that cause poor signals and your calls to drop; hopefully you'll overcome these pitfalls and improve your poor reception by installing one of the techniques given above to improve your poor signal reception.

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