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Sony Xperia P Accessories - Some Fancy And Useful Add-Ons For Your Handset

In the present day technology driven world, no one can deny the fact that cell phones have become in indispensable part of our daily life. With a number of manufacturers jumping into the industry and fighting to conquer the top spot, a good number of fully equipped cell phones are being made available to the people. Sony Xperia P is one such classy device from the brand name Sony. It is a fully equipped smart phone, capable of providing good number of utilities to the owner. As the mobile phones become popular, people look out for more fashionable and useful accessories in order to make their smart phones even smarter.

Sony has come up with a good number of accessories in order to make your Xperia P look fancy and turn it into a more useful gadget. Some people purchase cell phone accessories in order to personalize their cell phone and some, in order to make it more functional. Sony has come up with some trendy and exciting accessories. Further, I have discussed some Smart Accessories that have been announced by Sony Mobile and are suitable for your Xperia P.

1. Smart Wireless Headset Pro
It is a smart wireless Bluetooth headset from the house of Sony. It not only allows you to make and receive calls, but also enables you to read the text messages, access your calendar alerts and much more. While the cell phone is disconnected, this headset will work as a music player. This Smart Headset will be available with a fully supportable Micro SD card slot and a 2 GB card.

2. SmartWatch
It is a descendant to the LiveView and will enable you to access your Android gadget through the microdisplay of the watch via Bluetooth. The watch contains a 1.3 inch OLED microdisplay and is just 8mm thick. It features a 128x128 fully functional touch screen, divided into 9 separate touch areas. It has an in built vibrator, accelerometer and is completely splash and dust proof.

3. SmartDock
It is a trendy HDMI dock that can perform a great deal of functions. You can enjoy the entire media in your phone on a Big TV screen and that too while charging your phone. You can also transform your Xperia P into a mini PC with the help of USB mouse and keyboard.

So, these are some of the highly functional as well as fashionable mobile phone accessories for your Xperia P, officially announced by Sony Mobiles.

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