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Four Add-Ons You Must Consider for Your Cellphone

In the last few years, cellphones have moved up in their importance within our lives from just tools simply used to make calls to becoming tools that help manage every aspect of our lives. This shift has been dramatic, resulting in the purchase of phones that have a variety of additional features including GPS, WiFi, and video playback. In addition to new features are physical cell phone accessories that allow the device to be far more useful and integrated in our daily life. Below I will describe a few accessories that stand out as practically essential for most of us.

Car mount: The ability for our cellphone to replace our car's GPS unit is a valuable opportunity, saving us hundreds in purchasing separate GPS devices, while integrating our travel data into a single platform. Practically all smartphones these days come with built in GPS, marking them as potential replacements. These mounts are often not just generic pieces of plastic either. Many car mounts can charge our phone, activate speech recognition, and be adhesive to a variety of surfaces as well. Make sure to check these features before purchasing a mount.

Case w/ Kick stand: More and more of us use our mobile devices to play back audio and video content, including TV shows and movies. However, holding a device in our hands, or laying it flat on our tables, while watching such content simply makes the entire experience awkward after a few minutes. It is thus valuable to have the ability to sit back and relax while watching these programs, if we are to truly enjoy them. A kick stand that is built into many cell phone cases allows just that.

Extra battery and charger units: Pretty much all our phones come with a charger and battery at purchase. However, the investment in an additional battery and charger can make our daily workflow much easier. We can simply tuck our second charger and battery in our bag. These cell phone accessories give us a tremendous boost to our confidence in being able to take our daily plans in different directions, knowing full well that we are able to continue to use our phone even if our battery runs out.

Bluetooth headphones: Our phones usually come with a par of earbuds, which seems to meet our basic needs. Those who tend to talk on the phone a lot often buy a Bluetooth headset as well. However, what many of us haven't considered are immersive Bluetooth headphones instead. These headphones allow us to listen to music and watch movies privately, as well as speak and listen on phone calls, without the tangle of navigating around with our head tethered to our phone. Workouts, travel commutes, and simply walking around the house freely all become possible with these.

These and other cell phone accessories can add tremendous value and flexibility in the use of our devices. It's thus important to deeply consider all the accessory needs of any phone we purchase.

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