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Finally Solutions to Poor Wireless Coverage - End Poor Cell Phone Reception

Solutions to Poor Wireless Coverage
You may have felt like throwing your cell phone or laptop out a window due to poor signal reception. Poor signal reception can get really frustrating. The problem is often recurring and one has to dig in a lot to reach a solution.

This article is your guide to the solution. Read on to find out how you can maximize your calling experience by improving your signal reception. The article highlights the causes of poor wireless coverage and also gives you important tips on how to overcome the signal problem.

The major cause of poor signal reception is signal interference. It simply means the signal not being transmitted properly because of some kind of hurdle or interference. There are three categories of signal interference.

• Physical Interference
This is caused from physical elements, such as your wall, ceiling or other fixtures.

• Hidden Physical Interference
There are materials hidden in your wall that cause signal degradation.

• Electromagnetic Interference
Radio waves interfering with other radio waves are called electromagnetic interference.

Physical Interference
Solving physical interference is the easiest. Because we are able to see the problem, or the items causing the problem, it is easier to do away with the problem. The best choice is to be in an open atmosphere that gives your phone more space to breath in and access to stronger signals.

Your phone should be kept away from all objects that have materials, such as magnets in them. Magnets have an extremely negative impact on a cell phone. They don't just distort the signals, but can also negatively affect a cell phone's display and other parts.

Hidden Physical Interference
This kind of interference is a little tougher to mitigate, simply because it is 'hidden'. For example metal can affect your signal adversely. Even a little amount of metal can affect your signals very negatively. Many buildings today are built using metal studs for interior walls and concrete with metal re-enforcement bars on exterior walls. While this may make more durable and safer structures it wreaks havoc on your cell phone reception.

Not just the walls, other objects in your house can also affect your signal reception. It must be kept in mind at all times that almost no material is 100% signal-transparent. There is always some kind of disruption that causes poor signal.

Electromagnetic Interference
This is the trickiest interference and the toughest one to overcome. Electronic rays can cause poor signal reception. It is caused by two kinds of devices:

1. Devices that run on electricity
2. Electronic devices that emit radioactive rays

Almost all the devices that run on electricity emit magnetic waves that interfere with signals. They do not just affect your cell phone signals but can also affect your AM/FM radio signals and weaken your WI-FI reception.

Given above are the causes of signal drop outs. Now that you know what causes signal interference, it must be easier for you to find out what kind of signal interference is causing poor signal reception.

One of the best solutions to correct weak or distorted reception is with a signal booster. These devices come in residential, commercial and mobile versions.
You now know the ways to overcome such interferences, and hopefully you will enjoy calling with nothing to interfere in between.

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