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Enhance The Battery Back Up Of Your Sony Xperia Play For Enhanced Gaming Experience

Sony is a leading manufacturer of electronic goods in the present day world. Sony is well known for its technically advanced and innovative gadgets. As far as cell phones are concerned, no one can outshine the superior technology, innovative man-force and amazing creativity of Sony. Sony has come up with a revolutionary handset for the game lovers. Sony has been able to bring down the technology of Sony PlayStation to the very pockets of the users with an all new Xperia Play cell phone. Sony has technically advanced a step ahead of its competitors with this perfect blend of gaming console and a cell phone.

In order to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and long lasting, Sony has equipped the handset with a powerful 1500 mAh battery. This long lasting battery is capable of providing a long talk time of about 8-9 hours and a standby time of 430 hours. As far as Mp3 playback time is concerned, it reaches about 30 - 31 hours and 6-7 hours of continuous game play time. However, you can further enhance the battery life by following the pointers discussed further in this article. These pointers will surely help you enhancing the battery backup and thereby the gaming time of your Xperia Play in the best possible manner.

1. Turn Off Unnecessary Applications And Features
Various applications and features keep on running in the back ground, in a minimized mode even when they are not visible on the screen. They consume a good amount of battery and drain it in a very short duration of time. So, it is advised to turn off all such applications. Other features like vibration, keypad tones, screen brightness and others also affect the battery life and should be treated accordingly.

2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
When not in use, these features should be turned off as they keep on searching for regular signal or devices, thereby draining the cell phone battery by a great amount.

3. Exit The Game
If you happen to leave your game in between, you should save the game and exit the same. You should avoid minimizing the game down to the menus as it keeps on running in the background and consume a good amount of power. Therefore, it is advised to exit the same and open it again when in a mood of playing.

So, these are some important pointers that can help you in increasing the power capacity of your Sony Xperia Play Battery in an easy and best possible manner.

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