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Different Types of Phone Covers

When cellphones became extremely popular and affordable, the phone cover became popular. Nowadays everyone has a phone and uses it often for every reason under the sun. Covers have become a popular way to decorate, design, and protect cellphones, smartphones, and other devices.

Covers Types: Skins

Skins are a type of phone cover that is mostly for looks and style purposes. Skins are very thin types of covers that are easily put onto a phone. They are made of very thin plastic or vinyl that acts similarly to a sticker. People can peel the skin off of the phone and replace it with another if they want another theme to express them for that day. Skins give a very sleek, stylish look to a cellphone or other device.

Skins come in many styles and will help to protect a phone from scratches and scuffs. Skins do not provide protection from drops or strong impacts as well as other types of covers.

Cover Types: Face Plates

These are typically the strongest type of covers for phones. They are thick and made of a durable type of plastic or other such material. Face plate covers are good for protecting cellphones from a drop or any sort of impact. They protect the cellphone by taking the brunt of the impact. This type of phone cover also can give good protection against scratches as well.

Face plate covers can have many types of custom designs on them from the manufacturer that can fit the style of any person. From frilly pink designs to entirely customizable options, face plates covers are a stylish way to securely protect a phone.

Cover Types: Gloves

Cellphone body gloves are another type of cover that is thicker than skins. They are generally made of a soft, rubber-like material or even leather. This type of cover will absorb impact, making it good for anyone who may drop their phone sometimes. The protection isn't as strong as with face plates, but it can offer good protection depending on the manufacturer and materials used.

Although a lot of cellphone body gloves don't come in a ton of styles, there are usually a few different colors to choose from. Some companies do make some beautiful, stylish covers of this type. Body gloves are rather functional because some will have a strap or hookup to attach to a belt or other place.

Cover Types: Pouch/Sack

Pouches offer the most choices in design types for a phone cover. With a pouch, the cellphone is just placed in a small sack that is a little bigger than the phone. Pouches can be made to look like anything from a toy to a fashionable, small purse.

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