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An iPhone Mobile Database App for Organizing Your Life

An iPhone mobile database app can help you organize your life. The applications continue to improve in terms of ease of use and data-storage capabilities. There are even customized programs for business owners and individuals that cannot find exactly what they need off the shelf.

If you travel frequently to foreign countries, one of the features you might be interested in is the translator. The technology might not have reached Star Trek level yet, but it's getting there. It's definitely better than carrying around a foreign language dictionary.

Some programs come with common forms that are often used in business. For example, business mileage tracking forms are typically included in the program.

With some apps, you have the ability to create your own forms. Of course, the process can be time consuming since you are working with a very small keyboard and a small screen. Downloading forms from your PC to your iPhone might be easier. The easiest solution is to have a professional design the forms for you.

Barcode scanners and RFID readers are applications that are currently available. Your mobile database app could be used to read the product code and check how many are in stock if the stock data is stored in your system.

The phones can also be used to take dictation and the recorded message can be sent to your personal assistant in the same way that you would send an email. The difference is that you are using voice dictation, which is faster than writing an email. On top of that, the message can be linked to other information based on how your mobile database app is set up.

GPS can also be included in these programs. GPS has a variety of uses. Getting directions is just one of the most popular.

Being able to do complex calculations is something you cannot do with the standard iPhone. With a mobile database app, you can create customized formulas like the ones you use in Excel or Access.

This benefit makes it easier to do on-site quotes for jobs. You can access information about the costs of materials, the cost of labor and estimate the time to complete the project more accurately based on how long it took for similar jobs. You can even look at the extended weather forecast to get an accurate start date.

You may already be using your iPhone to organize your personal life. Why not use it to organize your business life, too?

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