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HTC Hub Offers Downloadable Content For Your HTC Sensation XE

The HTC Sensation offers a wealth of downloadable content thanks to features like Google Play (formally Android Market) offering thousands of apps, and HTC Hub which lets you download widgets, skins, wallpapers etc. in this article I will look at the latter; both how to use it an what is available for download.

On your HTC Sensation XE homescreen, simply tap the 'all apps' menu at the bottom left of the screen. You will then be presented with a list of all the apps which are currently installed on the phone. From here, locate the HTC Hub app, and tap it to open. A menu will then appear, showing the categories of the available downloadable content. These are as follows; apps, and plugins, widgets, sound sets, scenes, skins, wallpapers, ringtones, alarm sounds and notification sounds.
Apps and Plugins
These are essentially apps which are similar found in Google Play, but are created by HTC and optimised for HTC phones rather than Android phones in general.
These are like apps, but can be operated directly from the screen on which you wish to place them. This saves having to open them each time.
Sound Sets
These are sounds for features like alarms notifications, messages and emails. They are all based on a common theme, and there are currently around 30 to choose from.
Scenes combine wallpapers, lockscreens and app/widget configurations, which are all designed to complement each other. For example there is a vacation scene called 'Holiday Season', which has a dual clock (to display local and home country times) and come with camera and translator shortcuts on the lockscreen, so it is clearly aimed at those who are on holiday.
This category offers a number of wallpapers which are not included in the default set already found on the phone. Users can view thumbnails, and then choose to download and use the wallpapers. This means that there is less data filling up the phone's storage, and you only download the wallpapers after you have decided that you want it.
This category offer a choice of downloadable polyphonic ringtones, and like wallpapers, allows you to hear a sample before committing them to your phone's storage, as they are all store on HTC's servers.
Alarm Sound and Notification Sounds are the final categories, which are pretty self explanatory. The beauty of using HTC Hub is that you can see/hear the products before you choose to download and use them. If you are not satisfied with the choices already included on your HTC Sensation XE, you are sure to find something you like on the HTC Hub application. When downloading data from the HTC Hub, you can use a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, although Wi-Fi will be faster and will not incur data usage.
The HTC Sensation XE is available now from UK networks, with a number offering the handset for free when you sign up to a selected contract.
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