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Multiple Homescreens On The Impressive HTC Sensation XE

The HTC Sensation XE remains one of the most appealing smartphones out there, despite increasingly impressive competition from a number of other manufacturers. Among other HTC Android phones, is well known for its impressive user interface, called HTC Sense.

HTC Sense is HTC's on custom interface for the Android operating system. It allows users to customise their interface to a higher degree than the stock Android interface, and provides numerous innovative features. One of the things that sets the Sense UI apart is its ability to assign multiple homescreens. Up to seven can be added to the interface, and these can then be customised with apps and widgets. You can scroll through the different homescreens by swiping the responsive touchscreen of the Sensation XE from side to side, or you can view a thumbnail of each homescreen by using the screen's pinch to zoom feature, or by pressing the home button. All seven screens will then be displayed and you can select one by touching the appropriate thumbnail and this will then take you to that homescreen.

A benefit of having different homescreens on your Sensation XE is that you can assign them for different uses or scenarios. For example, you could assign a homescreen with all your social networking apps and widgets, like Facebook and Twitter apps and the FriendStream widget. Also, you could assign a homescreen for all your games, or all your driving/navigation apps.

In order to download content to the handset, you can use Google Play (previously known as Android Market) to download apps, and you can get widgets and other content from HTC Hub.

Of course, the customisable homescreens of the Sense UI is a very impressive feature, but the handset boasts numerous other appealing features. Among these is an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, an advanced high resolution LCD touchscreen, and even Beats Audio which makes the Sensation XE the perfect phone for music lovers. Until the recent unveiling of handsets like the HTC One X, the HTC Sensation XE was the most powerful smartphone in the world thanks to its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, so you can expect great performance from the phone.

The HTC Sensation XE is an ideal handset for those who like high end technology, whilst seeking an alternative from the more popular smartphone models which are currently flooding the market. The HTC Sensation XE is available now from all major UK networks.

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