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A Look At Design And Camera Facilities On The Samsung Galaxy S2 And The Galaxy S Advance

The Samsung Galaxy range of mobile smartphones seems to be growing all of the time and the latest addition to the family is the new Galaxy S Advance. Previously we took a look at screen technology and processing power on this device and looked at how it compared with the bestselling Samsung Galaxy S2. This time we look at camera features on both of these models and also see how the models compare in terms of design.

The new Samsung Galaxy S Advance features an improved camera facility from the Galaxy S model that it is based on. Still photography quality is impressive and images can be captured at a resolution of 5 million pixels. As you would expect a wealth of additional features are available to help you capture the highest quality images possible. Auto focus will help ensure that there is minimal blur on any photos and the useful Smile Detection function will take the photograph the moment it detects people smiling. Thanks to the phone incorporating GPS all photographs can also have location details stored about where the snaps were taken.

Despite the Galaxy S Advance offering a high quality camera feature the Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a little more in terms of quality in this area. An 8 mega pixel camera captures an incredible quality of image although many of the additional features are the same as can be found on the Advance model. Both handsets offer a secondary front facing camera which is ideal for video calls and both are also capable of capturing still images. The Galaxy S2 can record 2 mega pixel resolution from this camera while the Galaxy S Advance offers just 1.3 mega pixels.

One of the key areas on modern smartphones is design. A great looking device will always grab the attention of the consumer while a more dated design will often be overlooked. The Galaxy range of devices are famous for their stylish looks and both of these handsets do not disappoint in this area. The Galaxy S Advance looks very similar to the original Galaxy S device. The handset measures 123.2 x 63 x 9.7mm which makes the phone one of the most compact currently available.

At just 120 grammes in weight the model is also surprisingly lightweight considering it includes a 4 inch display. Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 includes a larger 4.3 inch screen the phone manages to weigh less than the Advance model at just 116 grammes. The model measures just 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm and is constructed from some very durable plastic. This black plastic gives the phone a very modern look which combines well with the curved corners of the phone to leave us with a device that may not win any awards for innovation but still looks superb.

The Samsung Galaxy S Advance is a superb addition to the Galaxy range and will strike a chord with consumers looking for great value for money. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is still the premium model in the range and offers superior camera features and excellent design despite its advancing age.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available now and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming soon.

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